Know the loan without proof in every detail

In practice, any credit request made to a bank or a financial institution, implies that you must give documents and personal information. Also, a loan without proof does not oblige the borrower to provide information as to the use of the requested funds. Indeed, unlike an assigned loan, credit without supporting documents is not requested depending on a specific project and does not impose the purpose of the loan on the part of the applicant. However, to have this type of credit, you must not be on file with the Cream Bank , or even be in a situation of over-indebtedness.


The features of a loan without proof

loan without proof



A loan without proof can be obtained for an amount less than 3000 dollars. In reality, you can choose from several kinds of credits, which are allocated credits as well as unallocated credits. Thus, credit without proof is part of the class of unrestricted credits. As a principle of credit without proof, in addition to the fact that the borrower is able to request a sum of money without giving justification, he has his funds in a few days, subject to responding favorably to all requests and requirements from the credit agency . Of course, his file must be accepted.


Duration and use



The loan without proof can be made under a limited-term contract. Its duration is based on the borrower’s repayment capacities as well as the various clauses of the contract. This type of credit appeals to many users, since the funds are quickly transferred to the borrower’s bank account. As for its use, the borrower is entirely free to do with it what he hears, among other things, the acquisition of property, apart from a house or an apartment which is rather concerned by a mortgage. We can also build up a money reserve, fund family events, studies, vacations, etc.


The loan without proof and its advantages



If you need quick money and no proof, you must make sure that your financial situation and your income resources are stable enough to be able to repay your debt without worry. Also, credit without proof fully respects the privacy of the borrower. Especially since the latter can repay at their own pace, depending on the number of months or years proportional to the amount borrowed. In addition, the transaction is fast, to meet the needs of immediate cash flow. It should also be noted that the loan without proof does not require a lot of formalities. In practice, there are credit organizations that take charge of the file. Also, we take the time to compare the different existing offers before choosing this or that lender.

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