Good Finance Loans and Interest Rates

Good Finance Bank began to serve in 2012, it offers a lot of credit by consumers with No. type of interest rates among banks and 52 branches across the Honest Bank.

Services such as consumer loans, auto loans, mortgage loans under the name of retail loans, provide its customers with wide-term options with appropriate interest rates.

Direct banking or digital banking


It has developed itself in direct banking or digital banking. Good Finance Bank provides the opportunity to perform many transactions quickly and easily with its cheaper prices on its official website without going to branches. We have listed the transactions you will do below;

  • Money transfer transactions (Wire Transfer, EFT, Swift)
  • Checking deposit accounts
  • Check and Note transactions
  • Personal loan transactions
  • SME credit transactions
  • Credit cards and debit card transactions

etc. It is very easy and simple to handle many more transactions in Good Finance Bank internet banking without losing time with a single click. Let us give you examples from Good Finance Bank loan calculation transactions below.

Good Finance Bank Necessity Loan Calculator


Good Finance Bank has determined a loan amount of minimum 1,000 USD and a maximum loan amount of 100,000 USD to its customers in the calculation of consumer loan.

Requirement loan interest rate is calculated from 2.44%. Credit allocation fee is taken as 5 per thousand. Annual life insurance may vary depending on the age of the person and the amount of the loan he / she will receive, depending on the loan term option.

In the table below, we gave an example of 50,000 USD credit with three different maturity options. You can calculate according to the loan amount you want from our Good Finance Bank consumer loan calculation page.

Good Finance Bank Vehicle Loan Calculator


While calculating vehicle loan, Good Finance Bank gives credit to its customers the lower limit of 5,000 USD and the upper limit of the loan is 500,000 USD.

The vehicle loan interest rate is calculated as 1.44%. Credit term options offer a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 48 months. If the amount you want to withdraw is 120.000 USD, 60 months will be valid. The loan allocation fee is 5 per thousand.

In the sample table we have given you below, the 30.000 USD loan has been calculated with three different terms. On the Good Finance Bank vehicle loan calculation page on our site, you can calculate with the maturity amount you want and the loan amount.

Good Finance Bank Housing Loan Calculator


With the Good Finance Bank housing loan calculation options, the lowest loan given to its customers is 10.000 USD and the highest loan amount is 1.000.000 USD.

Credit payment options offer payment options with a maturity of 1 year (12 months) and 10 years (120 months). Estimated appraisal fee is 527 USD. Again, the loan allocation fee is calculated as 5 per thousand. TCIP, home insurance and life insurance can vary depending on the person and loan terms.

We made a sample calculation for you with a housing loan of 100.000 USD and the option of payment in three different terms.

With the loan calculation tool on our site, you can calculate and compare the loan amounts you want to receive from the Good Finance Bank housing loan calculation page.

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