Cash loan at Good Finance- under the microscope

It happens to everyone – a washing machine, TV or car breaks down. If you don’t have enough money to buy new equipment, think about a quick loan.

Good Finance cash loan – for whom?


Good Finance cash loans can be obtained by a person between 21 and 70 years old who has Polish citizenship and a bank account at one of the Polish banks.

Good Finance also offers loans for people with a negative credit history, and even for the unemployed or those in consumer bankruptcy. Good Finance payday loan is a good option for those who apply for a cash loan without financial standing.


People who do not meet the boundary conditions, such as check-in or age, may receive a negative credit decision. The application may be rejected if the borrower is less than 23 or more than 65 years old, is not a Polish citizen and is entered in the register of debtors.

People who do not have access to a bank account cannot apply for a Good Finance loan. Borrowed funds will be transferred only to the account that has been previously confirmed by a verification transfer (in the amount of USD 0.01) – only then the application will be checked by the analyst.

Before making a transfer, check that the data you entered in the form are the same as the details of the account from which the verification fee was transferred.

Good Finance loan – how much can I borrow?


When applying for the first loan in Good Finance, you can receive up to USD 3,000 for a period of 30 days. The lender allows to incur only one liability at a time, and only after its repayment can you apply for another Good Finance payday loan.

The maximum amount of the next loan is set individually with the adviser, but regular customers can receive up to USD 6,000 for 45 days and count on attractive discounts.

Good Finance – logging in to the website


The Good Finance loan is granted to online customers, all you have to do is fill out a simple application form. To receive money on your bank account:

  1. Register at Good and fill out the form,
  2. Confirm the registration using instant verification or by making a traditional transfer from your personal account,
  3. Send a loan application.


Good Finance loan – after examining the application you will receive an SMS with information about your decision. If it is positive, the funds borrowed will be in your bank account.

To register and apply for the Good Finance payday loan you must:

  1. Go to Good and click the ” REGISTRATION ” tab, visible in the upper left corner.
  2. Choose the loan amount and repayment period.
  3. Complete the form , provide information on employment and place of residence,
  4. Accept the consent, the provisions of the Framework Loan Agreement, the Individual Agreement and the Promotion Regulations,
  5. Click ” Take a loan ” and verify the user.

Login to an existing account is possible after entering your email address (specified during registration) and password in the upper right corner of the page and click “GO”. If you have forgotten your password, all you have to do is go to the ” Remind password ” tab and enter an email to which a new one will be sent.

Good Finance loans – customer reviews


Good Finance loans offer a number of benefits to which we can include include:

  • short waiting time for a decision – from a few to several minutes,
  • instant transfer of funds to the borrower’s bank account,
  • no unnecessary formalities and documents ,
  • flexibility – the option of postponing the repayment date by 10.20 or 30 days,
  • no additional costs for the first loan,
  • Good Finance promotional code – the option of using a code that reduces the amount of administrative fees for the loan,
  • Good Finance without financial standing – no verification of the future borrower,
  • innovation – you can apply for a loan online without leaving your home.

The lender not only does not have a restrictive policy towards future borrowers, but also organizes numerous promotions, thanks to which you can reduce the amount of additional fees.

Every now and then negative reviews of Good Finance loans appear on the internet. The biggest disadvantages of the offer include quite high fees associated with launching the service, or a small number of banks in which immediate customer verification is possible.

If you want both the verification process and the transfer of funds to run smoothly, it is worth having a personal account in one of the following banks: Cooperative Bank, Honest Bank, Thrift Bank. Otherwise, the entire operation may take up to 24 hours.

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