Banks that give credit to low credit ratings 2019

People with low credit ratings can apply to these banks without submitting any documents.

Flexi Bank Loan Application For Low Credit Ratings

Things to know about Flexi Bank loan application for low credit ratings are as follows:

  • Under the name of Flexi Bank, a loan of up to 30,000 USD is given and 2.89% interest is applied to its repayment. No document will be requested from the person or the person has the option to apply online.
  • By purchasing from the dealers that Flexi Bank has an agreement with, the person can take out the loan as much as the price of the product he likes and then pay it back in installments. For this, it is necessary to write Flexi Loans, leave a space, write the TC ID number and send a message to 3050.
  • Retirees with low credit ratings are given loans up to 60,000 USD with a 60-month maturity option.

Good Credit Application For Low Credit Ratings


For the low credit rating, the things to know about Good Credit loan application are:

  • In order for Good Credit to give credit to a person with a low credit rating; it is necessary that the person receives the salary or pension of the employee from Good Credit. In addition, this situation must continue for at least 6 months.
  • If the person does not receive their salary from Good Credit; mortgage any immovable.
  • If a person with regular income has to mortgage an immovable property because his credit rating is low; The loan amount it can take is 50% of the appraised value of the mortgage. It is possible for the person to repay this loan with a maturity option of up to 48 months.

Good Finance Loan Application For Low Credit Ratings


Things to know about Good Finance loan application for low credit ratings are:

  • Good Finance offers loans to people with low credit ratings only in periods determined by the year itself.
  • Persons with low credit ratings are required to show a guarantor to the bank in order to obtain credit from Good Finance. The guarantor they show must have an income appropriate for the loan amount they want to receive.
  • People with low credit ratings are given a maximum of 10,000 USD of credit.
  • The credit given to the people with a low credit rating is given a 24-month term option.
  • If the person’s credit rating is low and he wants to take a loan from Good Finance; There is no obligation to submit an income document.

GFI Bank Credit Application For Low Credit Ratings


Here are some things to know about GFI Bank loan application for low credit ratings :

  • A loan between 3.000 USD and 5.000 USD can be given.
  • The purpose of applying for this service of GFI Bank, which is called Mini Credit; is to take credit to meet its tiny needs and also to increase its credit ratings.
  • Individuals with low credit ratings are requested to submit their loan applications from GFI Bank branches.

Making Instant Loan Applications from Across Lender without a guarantor

What you need to know from Across Lender to apply for an instant loan without guarantor are:

  • No loan costs are demanded for this loan, which is given to people under the name of the general-purpose loan without any guarantor.
  • Up to 1.000 – 50.000 USD can be granted.
  • In payback, 0.89% interest is applied.
  • People can make their applications online via mobile applications.
  • The time between the person’s application and learning the application result is 3 minutes.

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